Tshirt Tailor

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A simple practical life activity that children enjoy doing at a young age. The toy includes a wooden T Shirt on which the buttons can be sewed on. As the child learns to fix the buttons on the T shirt using the thread provided, they develop fine motor skills, dexterity and an understanding of a practical skill which is sewing buttons.

Threading is a delicate yet simple operation that is very effective in improving dexterity because the child has to use both hands simultaneously. Threading is an activity that is extremely soothing and addictive making children want to spend more time with it. This classic toy hence builds concentration and increases attention span simultaneously. 

Set includes a wooden T Shirt, 6 wooden buttons, thread to sew, a detailed instruction manual all packed in a Skola Doodle box. 

Size of T Shirt with buttons: 30 cm x 29 cm x 1 cm