Pull Along Shape Bus

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A smart pull along toy that children have great fun carrying around everywhere they go. The pull along bus is exciting for the children to turn and see the movement behind them as they drag it along. They also like to see the effect of their actions, and see the toy moving slower and faster with their movements. Pulling a toy and walking is challenging, and the challenge increases the excitement for the child.

The bus acts as a shape sorter as the child can drop the shapes inside the bus through the shape cut outs on the bus. The shapes are cut such that each of the shapes go into only their respective cut outs and not in any of the other holes in the bus. Thus they are self correcting in nature. This toy also provides concepts of object permanence to young children where once they drop the shapes in the bus, they often open the top to check if the shapes are still there thus reaffirming their belief that the object does not disappear when not visible. 

Children also use the bus as their own treasure box by putting their favourite things in them and dragging them along everywhere. A great gross motor and sensorial toy for children between the ages of 2-4 years.

Set inlcudes a wooden bus with a pull along thread, 4 geometric dyed shapes, a detailed instruction manual, all packed in a beautiful Skola Doodle box. 

Size of the bus: 24.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 12 cm