Coloured Beetles

Match and pair the attractive beetle halves based on colour.

Match and pair the attractive beetle halves based on colour.

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Age: 2+

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Children's understanding of colours begins with the knowledge that it is a distinct property that objects possess.

This set of six vividly coloured ladybug beetles is exciting for children as they try to piece the two correct halves together based on its appearance. This makes for a great pairing game as children slowly begin to classify objects based on their awareness of colour as a property.

Set of 6 pairs of wooden painted semi circle pieces arranged on a wooden tray all packed in an elegant Skola Doodle Box.

Size of board with the pieces : 40 cm x 8 cm x 1 cm

Once children are able to process colour as a distinct property, they learn to identify colours one by one (See How).

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By removing and inserting beetle pieces with their hands, children become adept with the palmar grasp, leading to enhanced dexterity. Since the beetles are identical in all aspects except colour, it ensures children completely narrow down their attention to this property of objects. Pairing and playing memory games based on colour greatly enhances awareness and understanding of colour as a property, also aiding in developing short term memory skills leading to higher cognitive ability.


  • Inserting
    • Show the child how to remove the beetles and put them back in.
  • Pairing
    • Show the child how to take out one part from each pair and place on one side and eventually pair. After a point, children will pull both parts of the beetles and pair.
  • Names of Colours
    • This is an ideal toy to introduce names of the 6 primary and secondary colours.
  • Abstract Pairing
    • If you can take print outs of any other shape in the same colours, the children can then pair with the pictures. You could also trace the beetle shape and ask the child to colour in the same shades.
  • Memory Game
    • Ask the child to take out one part of the beetle each and place on a tray in another room. Keep an indicator on one of the beetles left behind on the board. Ask the child to brings its pair. Children love this game and can play independently by shifting the indicator themselves. When the children have completed this challenge, they can play with the pieces in different locations. Remembering the colour and location is a greater challenge.