Colour Wheels

Spin and lock the coloured wheels and match with tiles of the matching shades.

Spin and lock the coloured wheels and match with tiles of the matching shades.

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Age: 3+

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This toy is a visual treat for children due to its vivid range of colours. The spinning wheels expose them to multiple shades or tints of primary and secondary colours. This helps children visualise the gradation of colours in a simple yet comprehensive manner. They engage themselves for hours indulging in various games to distinguish and describe the differences between lighter and darker hues of the six basic colours.

Set includes a base with 6 spinning colour wheels, a wooden tray with colour gradation slabs, all packed in an elegant Skola Doodle box. Comes with a detailed instruction manual.

Size of the colour wheel : 35 cm x 20 cm x 14 cm

Once children understand shades of colour, they are ready to explore colour as an abstract property without associating it to objects (See How).

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Kido Enterprises Private Limited
Industrial Plot No.19 A Sy. No. 36,37,131, Kumbalgodu Village, Kengeri Hobli, Bangalore South Taluk, Bengaluru (Bangalore) Urban, Karnataka, 560044

As children begin to sort different shades of colours, it magnifies their understanding of colour at a very young age. It enhances their visual discrimination skills and makes them aware of the comparison between colours. Naming the shades and tints of various colours and arranging them in a specific order makes them notice even minute differences in colour shades. One of the most exciting challenges this toy poses is when the children have to match shades by memory, and this exercises their mind in a way that significantly enhances their cognitive ability. The simple action of using their hands to rotate the wheels and locking them in place, enhances their eye-hand coordination.


  • Sorting
    • Show the child how to take out all slabs and place randomly aound. Then group all the reds together, yellows together & so on. One by one put each set back in the tray
  • Pairing
    • Show the child how to remove the blocker. Spin the 6 wheels randomly. Fix the positions and put the blocker in. Look at the first wheel, say red. Take out all 5 red slabs & spread them out. Find the pair, place in the white holder. Put back the other red slabs. Repeat with all colours.
  • Name Game
    • Introduce the grades of colours - dark, light, lighter, darkest.
  • gradation
    • Show the child how to arrange slabs from dark to light.
  • Creative
    • Show the child how to arrange slabs from dark to light.
  • Memory Games
    • Ask the child to keep the reds on a tray in another room. Spin the wheel and block. Point to the red on the wheel, ask the child to bring that one. Children love memory games. Running up and down to find the right piece is exhilarating! They can continue to play independently by spinning the wheel themselves. Memory games with the shades are very challenging, and it is good to set this level of a game after the child is 4.5 years old.