Skola Learning Grid

The core of Skola toys is the learning that it imparts when children play with them. Skola toys focuses on specific areas of development. And toys are meant to be age appropriate as the maximum benefit from a toy is obtained only when presented at the right time in the child’s development cycle. This is the basis for the Skola learning grid which maps the areas of development and the age the child needs to use the child. Every Skola toys falls in one or more of the cells in the learning grid and address specific learning areas within each area of development. The instruction manual within every toy clearly marks the areas of the learning grid that it maps on to and will also provide you with suggestions on related products to purchase.

This grid is also the basis for all the Skola toy designs as they try to address one or more cells in terms of the age, area of development and specific learning areas. Skola toys will also provide a sequence of toys / activities in the future for specific learning areas. 

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