About Skola

About Skola

This is the very essence of what Skola aims to do for children between the ages of 1 and 8. The Skola philosophy has derived many of its values from the inspiring work of Dr. Montessori and her approach towards learning for young children, which focuses on using one’s own impulses, emotions, natural curiosity and an innate desire to learn. It treats every child with utmost respect and as a worthy individual occupied with the task of developing and nurturing himself/herself through self-learning and discovery.

It is a well known fact that young children learn best when they engage multiple senses (sight, sound, touch, etc.) while interacting with the world around them. But it interesting to note that when all these senses are tuned towards a single objective, learning is significantly enhanced. Skola is a staunch believer of the multi-sensory approach. The team at Skola has observed and researched the fact that toys with a single objective engage children in greater depth and have a more significant learning impact than multi-purpose toys.

The core of Skola’s philosophy lies in the idea of concrete learning, where children manipulate objects using their hands, thereby building their knowledge with ‘muscle memory’. Cricket is played and practiced to be mastered till it becomes a part of oneself. But when it comes to math or science the process somehow still relies on books, worksheets and oral games, with a few incremental learning games like counting pencils, or drawing and learning, which children enjoy.

However, young children can benefit a lot more by integrating information through experiences, practice and self-correction, with the help of their muscle memory. Learning that comes through the fingers and hand muscles has exceptional retention as it activates the largest part of the brain. When the learning process rooted in this philosophy is routed through the right toys, it sets the child on an exciting journey through play.

This approach also sets the foundation for developing fine motor skills. As children develop their eye-hand coordination and motor skills by doing various physical activities repeatedly they’re ready to explore subsequent ‘lands’ of learning such as language, math, physics, history and understand abstract concepts of colour, shapes, motion and more. When children develop problem-solving and analytical skills at an early age through puzzles and logic play, they build their ability to concentrate and improve their memory retention. Children also become far more independent and confident through play, making them more mature, emotionally and socially.

Studies also show that children are more inclined towards natural materials than synthetic ones. That is why all Skola toys are made of wood, sourced from renewable sources, making them natural and environment-friendly. The toys also are compliant with international safety standards. Skola’s research over the years through their educational materials and curriculum for preschools has proven that the right toys can help children a long way when it comes to learning.

Skola toys have been created by a team which has extensive experience in the Early Education sector, making learning products that enhance children’s development. They have supplied high quality educational materials to more than 10,000 schools across the globe for over 25 years. They have also been successful in providing relevant insight in this field with the help of their extensive research and observations over the years.

Learning is an ongoing process marked by a series of various events. Each experience with Skola toys leads to a new discovery that leads to learning. Skola takes your child on different journeys of learning where they explore a new aspect of the world around them at every stage. Play is the work of childhood and it is the best form of expression for young minds. Skola is here to help your child through these learning journeys designed as play.

Meet the Co-Founders

Mridula Shridhar


Mridula Shridhar has over 15 years of experience in the Early Education space, starting from Montessori and preschool products, sales and marketing, curriculum research, to preschool consulting and running her own Early Education Centre. She is the creator of Kreedo Early Childhood Solutions, a curriculum that has been so far implemented in over 900 preschools. Her experience of working with preschools across India, combined with her deep understanding of how young children learn through play, led to the creation of Skola Toys. Mridula handles the research and design aspects of the toys. She is responsible for the overall flow of learning through the Skola journeys, ensuring that every Skola Toy meets its objective of learning and fun.

VK Manikandan


VK Manikandan joined the Early Education business in 2004 by helping create a world class manufacturing facility in Bengaluru, capable of rapid prototyping as well as mass manufacturing of wooden toys. He designs the functional aspects of the toys and ensures they enhance the learning process for young minds in the most effective way. His love for taking new design concepts and converting them into beautifully finished wooden toys, that are robust and handy, has helped in making Skola an aesthetically superlative range.

Nitish Agrawal


Nitish Agrawal has extensive experience in advising clients on strategy, domestic and cross border mergers & acquisitions as well as fund raising transactions across sectors. His strong passion for the learning area and fresh perspective on the early education industry have been instrumental in helping conceptualise the designs and strategy behind Skola Toys. The rigorous consumer research conducted by him has been crucial in crafting products that are of superior quality and meet the parents’ expectations. Nitish is responsible for the overall outlook and identity of Skola, making it a cherished brand by parents and children alike.

Skola Toys is brought to you by Kido Enterprises, a brand that has been in the Montessori and preschool space for over 25 years. Kido revolutionised the early education industry by providing a variety of solutions to its customers aiming to develop and nurture young minds across the globe.

Over the years, the Kido team felt a need for transformation in the preschool sector. With this in mind, the ‘Kreedo’ curriculum was established to ensure a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to set up a new preschool or upgrade their existing preschool. By doing so, they realised that a lot of learning and development is experiential and through play. This paved the way for Skola Toys, where play leads to exploration, exploration leads to discovery and discovery leads to learning.

Take a look at the Skola Journey

Owing to the lack of educational products, Kido Enterprises, a small home-unit begins manufacturing and supplying preschool materials.
Kido becomes the largest Montessori supplier in India by catering to over 5,000 centres across the country. It also marks the beginning of Kido’s export of Montessori materials.
Kido caters to over 10,000 schools in India, Middle East and USA with a capability to manufacture the highest quality of wooden learning aids. Many Montessorians and educators from across the country become closely associated with Kido.
A lack of Montessori training centres for educators causes a stunt in the growth of Montessori schools in the country. Thus, Kido starts research on Early Learning.
Kido launches Kreedo, a revolutionary preschool curriculum based on the Montessori philosophy blended with current existing formats, which becomes a huge success with over 75 centres opening in a single year.
The Kreedo Early Education Centre, a preschool established as a research centre for early education and a training ground for teachers, becomes popular among parents and their children.
Over 3,000 teachers and 900 associated preschools begin to follow the Kreedo curriculum for training which emphasizes on children’s academic and social development.
Using a combination of all experiences of working with children, manufacturing over 3,000 varieties of wooden learning aids catering to learning needs and training educators to set up preschools, Mridula Shridhar and V K Manikandan launch Skola Toys.