Sequencing Train

Arrange pieces in the correct sequence to form the complete picture of the train

Arrange pieces in the correct sequence to form the complete picture of the train

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Age: 3+

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Children love it when their actions give them a greater and more satisfying outcome. They think more logically with a visual cue, thus understanding the number sequence in a fun way through this toy. By arranging the pieces in the correct sequence, children are thrilled when they succeed in forming the complete train image.

Set includes 10 printed wooden pieces, a wooden base for assembling the pieces, a detailed instruction manual all packed in an elegant Skola Doodle box.
Size of puzzle: 30 cm x 16 cm x 0.7 cm

Once children develop an understanding of number sequences and progression, they are ready to associate quantity with number (See How).

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Placing the pieces in a specific order to form the complete train image acquaints them with the number sequence and progression from 1 to 10. With this toy, children learn to break down a visual image into 10 different parts and then reassemble the pieces. This stimulates their ability to apply logic to assemble physical objects to get a complete meaningful image. Holding the pieces and arranging them improves children's fine motor skills as well.


  • Sequencing
    • Remove the pieces one by one, placing the middle finger under the groove & lifting the piece up. Then ask the child to find 1. Place the first piece back on the tray. Then find 2 and so on. Follow the order and complete the train picture.
  • Memory games
    • Make a set of number cards from 1-10 by writing on square pieces of thick paper. Ask the child to keep the cards on a tray in another room. Place an indicator (shell) on any one piece of the puzzle. Ask the child to bring back the next number from the tray. When the child brings the card, compare the card with the number next to the one with the shell to see if it matches. Next time the child can place the shell independently, bring back the piece and compare. Same game can be played to find the previous number, it adds to the complication.