Restaurant Geometry

Assemble tables, place mats & chairs in your restauant to link shapes wth numbers.

Assemble tables, place mats & chairs in your restauant to link shapes wth numbers.

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Age: 4.5+

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This mini-restaurant is fun to assemble, as the tables look interesting and the chairs are colourful! This creative do-it-yourself kit encourages children to be more imaginative and also establishes a logical connection between shapes, number of sides and number of vertices. Building tables and setting them up gives children a realistic feeling which is extremely enjoyable.

Set inlcudes 6 table tops with 33 wooden legs, 8 chairs and 8 place mats, all in a beautiful wooden box with a restaurant theme. The set is packed in an elegant printed Skola Doodle Box. It comes with a detailed instruction manual.
Size of the board: 30 cm x 25 cm x 4.2 cm height

Once children are done with this toy, they can begin to explore other areas of development (See How).

By assessing the number of legs required for each table, children start grasping the number of sides on each geometric shape. Fixing the exact number of legs on a shape is a complex process known as partial pairing. This sets the foundation for further forms of pairing, sorting and classifying. They also get introduced to names of different polygons. Constructing the tables helps children concentrate and this concentration gets chanelled into developing their dexterity, as fixing the tables require precision and skill.


  • Constructiion
    • Build the tables by fixing the legs into the hole given at each corner of the table.
  • Laying the Tables
    • Construct the tables with the corresponding number of legs . Eg. There need to be 5 legs for a pentagon shaped table. Then setting 5 chairs, and setting 5 places to eat. All of this helps the child understand the connection between geometry and arithmetic. For eg. Counting the number of sides in a shape.
  • Name Game
    • Take some of the pieces and introduce names one by one - Triangle, Square, Pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon and Octagon.
  • Memory Game
    • Keep the chairs away in a tray. Place all the table tops in front of the child. Keep a shell (or some indicator) on any one of the table tops and ask the child to bring back the corresponding number of chairs. The child may choose to count it, or will recognize the shape, say, a hexagon. The child will count and bring 6 chairs for the hexagon.