Sandpaper Numbers

Trace textured numerals to associate number names with corresponding symbols.

Trace textured numerals to associate number names with corresponding symbols.

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Age: 2.5+

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The first step towards beginning the counting journey is to associate names with number symbols.

Feeling different textures is extremely fascinating for children. They love exploring objects with their hands. This toy helps them distinctly trace, mimic and associate shapes with sounds of numbers.

Set includes 10 wooden cards with sandpaper numerals 0 to 9 pasted on them, a small wooden tray for stacking the cards, a detailed instruction manual all packed in a beautiful Skola Doodle box.
Length : 15cm, Height: 9.5cm, Width: 6.2cm

As children become more proficient with name and numeral association, and hear numbers said aloud, they begin to learn the sequence of numbers (See How).

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As children play with the toy, they learn to associate number symbols or shapes to sounds which initiates them into the number system. By tracing over the textured numbers with their fingers, children improve their pre-writing skills to a great extent. As children play with this toy repeatedly, they commit the name-numeral associations to their memory increasing retention and recall.


  • Tracing
    • Show the child how to trace the numbers with the right hand using middle and index fingers while holding the board with the left palm firmly to ensure it does not move. Complete the tracing process and say the number. Introduce 1 to 9 and 0 in the end.
  • Memory games
    • Make a set of number cards from 0-9 by writing on square pieces of thick paper. Ask the child to keep the sand paper cards on a tray in another room. Place an indicator (shell) on any one number card that you havae made. Ask the child to bring back the same number from the tray. When the child brings the card, compare to the one with the shell to see if it matches. Next time the child can place the shell independently, bring back the piece and compare."