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Scroll perpendicular mats to slot pegs in rows and columns for multiplication.

Scroll perpendicular mats to slot pegs in rows and columns for multiplication.

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Age: 4.5+

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Children uncover more arithmetic secrets with this toy. As they scroll away the screens based on the rows and columns, they learn to count and add values based on the pegs fitted in the empty slots, which in turn helps them learn multiplication. The toy also exposes them to the numerous multiplication combinations that can be created and helps build logical reasoning.

Set includes a wooden box in which the holes can be unraveled by rolling the cloth covering them, a lid with dials for setting the multiplication problem, 100 wooden pegs dyed red, chalk pieces, and a detailed instruction manual all packed in an attractive Skola Doodle Box.
Size of Multiplication Box: 40 cm x 30 cm x 6 cm

After children have learn to multiply numbers using the repeat addition method, they can now learn to subtract smaller quantities from bigger sets of objects with quantities less than 10 (See How).

Multiplication is an abstract concept that most children do not visualize but learn by rote. Multiplication by counting and adding gives the child a clear understanding that multiplication is repeat addition. Using pegs for counting and to learn multiplication involves fine motor skills and ensures higher accuracy of results, simultaneously enhancing their writing skills and pincer grip. Children can also use the toy to learn division with the help of physical cues. Performing multiplication and division with this toy helps them understand that the arithmetic processes are the opposite of each other.


  • Multiply
    • Open the peg compartment and take out the pegs. Keep them on a tray / bowl at the side. Turn the dials to display any 2 numbers. Eg. 3 and 6. Show the child how to move the scroll on the opposite side to 3. Then start rotating the other scroll to open all columns one by one till 6. This will open 18 cavities. Peg all the open cavities. Count while pegging. Peg systematically row by row, 3 at a time. This helps the child understands 3 is taken 6 times. "
  • Tables
    • Ask the child to take a paper and do all the tables from 1 to 10 and arrive at the answers by counting.
  • Division
    • Once the child is very comfortable with multiplication, division can be introduced. Ask the child to count and take a certain number of pegs, start with small numbers (less than 30). Ask the child to choose the divisor. Turn the first dial to that number. Open the horizontal scroll to the given number. Then start opening the vertical scroll, one column at a time. Open one column. Fill it with pegs, open the second and so on, until all pegs are exhausted. Find the quotient (number of columns).