Geometry Twins

Move the geometric shapes through the flower to find their identical pairs.

Move the geometric shapes through the flower to find their identical pairs.

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Age: 1.5+

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Children begin understanding shape by pairing and identifying objects that have a similar physical appearance.

With this attractive flower shaped toy, children get excited over moving the correct pieces through the petal grooves in order to match the identical shapes. The maze is fun and challenging and also enhances pre-writing skills. Add to that, children can also play with the loose parts in the set which makes this toy even more enjoyable.

Set comprises of a wooden flower shaped maze with 6 pairs of geometrical shapes (one fixed and one movable) and a detailed instruction manual all packed in a beautiful Skola Doodle box.

Size of the board: 31 cm x 31 cm x 2.2 cm

Once children have learnt to identify and distinguish basic shapes, it's time for them to correlate and pair complementary shapes (See How).

Manufactured by:

Kido Enterprises Private Limited
Industrial Plot No.19 A Sy. No. 36,37,131, Kumbalgodu Village, Kengeri Hobli, Bangalore South Taluk, Bengaluru (Bangalore) Urban, Karnataka, 560044

An exceptional toy, it helps children visually analyse and compare shapes, and pair identical geometric shapes. Isolating the physical property of shape sets the foundation for geometry at a very young age. As they hold the shapes and navigate the maze, children’s pre-writing skills take a big leap forward.


  • Identical Pairing
    • Show the child how to move the pieces around on the maze, which involves moving shapes into a slot to allow the next piece to move forward. An excellent way to improve dexterity, logical thinking and of course laying the foundation for geometry.
  • Name Game
    • When the child has played with the toy for a while and is familiar with the shapes, teach them the names of the shapes.