Rainbow Roofs

Stack, nest and arrange rainbow coloured roof shapes in various ways.

Stack, nest and arrange rainbow coloured roof shapes in various ways.

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Age: 3+

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Children explore the magic of creating different forms with this toy - a train, a sofa or a building! They like to share this toy with friends and enjoy trying to balance the uneven shapes.

Set includes 7 roof shaped wooden pieces, one solid white triangular prism base, a detailed instruction manual all packed in an attractive Skola Doodle Box.

Size of Stacked Pieces : Lenght: 15.3 cm, Width: 5.7 cm, Height: 18.8 cm

As children start to develop focus and eye-hand coordination, they can move on to using both hands simultaneously to carry out actions or manipulate objects (See How).

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Kido Enterprises Private Limited
Industrial Plot No.19 A Sy. No. 36,37,131, Kumbalgodu Village, Kengeri Hobli, Bangalore South Taluk, Bengaluru (Bangalore) Urban, Karnataka, 560044

Nesting the pieces in this toy helps in developing fine motor skills at a very young age. Stacking the individual pieces makes children dexterous and hones balancing skills. Playing with the toy enhances their awareness of colours in a concrete manner and various name games hone children's memory skills. Children also gain knowledge about the rainbow in the form of VIBGYOR.


  • Nesting
    • Show the child how to place one object inside the other in decreasing order of size
  • Stacking
    • Find the largest piece and place on the white base. Build the pyramid in order of decreasing size.
  • Name Games
    • Once the child is familiar with the toy, start naming the colours in the three-stage Name Game
  • Creativity
    • This toy has ample opportunities to play around with colours, form & shapes giving the child cues to think differently.
  • Rainbow
    • Arrange roofs by size, and name the rainbow colours in sequence to the child. You can introduce the acronym VIBGYOR. This colour transition is fascinating as children physically observe the change
  • Memory
    • Keep the roofs in elsewhere. Ask the child to bring a specific coloured roof. Children love exhilirating memory games where they run around to find the right piece! The same game can also be played with the pieces in different places, enhancing the complexity of memory.