Sock Twins Colours

Identify and pair the same coloured socks and slot them together.

Identify and pair the same coloured socks and slot them together.

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Age: 2.5+

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Children love the idea of pairing a relatable object like socks together as it is a daily life article for them. Pairing based on colour also creates opportunities to play memory games based on different colours with parents or friends.

Set includes 9 pairs of wooden socks of different colours, a working tray with slots to hold the socks, a detailed instruction manual, all packed in an attractive Skola Doodle box.
Size of Stacked Pieces: 24 cm x 24 cm x 1 cm

As children begin to identify colours with their respective names, they begin to memorise these names and associations (See How).

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By using their hands to slot and pair the socks, children become more dexterous and improve their palmar grasp. All the socks are identical in every aspect except colour, helping children isolate and understand colour as a physical property of objects. Pairing of physically identical objects is also one of the first logical analysis activities carried out by the children. When children play memory games with the toy where they put immense effort in remembering colours and their names, they develop their short term, memory skills which leads to better cognitive functioning.


  • Inserting
    • Show the child how to remove the socks and put them back in.
  • Pairing
    • Show the child how to take out one sock from each pair and place on one side and eventually pair. After a point, children will pull both socks out and pair.
  • Names of Colours
    • This is an ideal toy to introduce names of the 9 colours - red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, white, black and brown.
  • Memory Games
    • Ask the child to take out one sock each and place on a tray in another room. Keep an indicator on one of the socks left behind on the board. Ask the child to brings its pair. Children love this game and can play independently by shifting the indicator themselves. When the children have finished this challenge, they can play variations with the pieces in different locations. Remembering the colour and location is a greater challenge.