Pull Along Bus

Load the bus by inserting shapes in the right slot and pull along wherever you go!

Load the bus by inserting shapes in the right slot and pull along wherever you go!

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Load the bus by inserting shapes in the right slot and pull along wherever you go!

This is a gripping toy simply because children love witnessing any form of external stimuli. In this case, pulling the string and turning back to see if the bus is moving grabs their attention and encourages them to repeat the action.This smart pull-along toy is great fun for children to carry around wherever they go. Pulling a toy and walking is challenging but greater the challenge, more the excitement for children. The bus also acts as a shape sorter as they can fill up the bus by inserting correct shapes through the windows. Children love loading their little bus with the shapes and carting them off!

Set includes a wooden inclined slope, a wooden painted ball and 6 rectangular prisms acting as dominoes, a detailed instruction manual all packed in an attractive Skola Doodle box.

Size of packed box: 53 cm x 9.5 cm x 12 cm

On learning how cause and effect work on moving objects, children are now ready to understand speed, motion and force in more detail (See How).

Manufactured by:

Kido Enterprises Private Limited
Industrial Plot No.19 A Sy. No. 36,37,131, Kumbalgodu Village, Kengeri Hobli, Bangalore South Taluk, Bengaluru (Bangalore) Urban, Karnataka, 560044

Pull-Alongs are one of the first toys where the child sees a clear relationship between action and reaction. As they pull they look behind to check if the toy is moving with them. They pull harder (applying more force) and make the toys move faster, feeling excited to see the consequence of their actions. Eye-hand and foot-hand coordination both come into play in this toy. This is a fairly complex area of fine and gross motor skills among children. While inserting the pieces through the bus windows, there is an analysis and clear understanding of 2D to 3D association of shapes. As children open the lid of the bus to check for the inserted shapes, they reaffirm their belief that an object that is invisible does not disappear but is merely out of sight. This is known as object permanence and is an important aspect of cognition during early development.


  • Triggering Movement
    • Show the child how to hold the thread and pull the toy, without toppling.
  • 2D-3D Translation
    • Remove the shapes, place them around randomly. Then one by one take a piece, look pointedly at its base and put it in the right slot.
  • Name Game
    • When the child is familiar with the toy, give names in 3 stages. a. Introduction: Name the shapes slowly (at the most 2 at a time) b. Recognition: Ask the child to identify, say “Which is a cylinder?” c. Confirmation: Ask “What is this?” and the child answers “Cylinder” Sensorial 3D Geometry - Systematically knowing the names of the shapes gives clarity and helps children connect with the world.