Lower Case Puzzle Trays

Insert the letters into their slots on the tray to learn the alphabet sequence and use them to form words

Insert the letters into their slots on the tray to learn the alphabet sequence and use them to form words

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Age: 3.5+

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This toy is very exciting as kids learn to creatively explore and express for the first time with words. They observe the sequence of the alphabet and also get a sense of control on forming words by themselves. It is here that children realise the immense possibilities of language and how it can be used to describe objects!

Set includes 3 wooden painted trays with lift out alphabets, 1 wooden box to hold the trays, 1 printed lid, instruction manual all packed in a Skola Doodle Box.

Size of box with trays: 35.5 cm x 9 cm x 3.5 cm

As children learn to form simple words in an interesting manner, they prepare themselves to form longer basic words (See How).

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Kido Enterprises Private Limited
Industrial Plot No.19 A Sy. No. 36,37,131, Kumbalgodu Village, Kengeri Hobli, Bangalore South Taluk, Bengaluru (Bangalore) Urban, Karnataka, 560044

Using the tray to form words gives children the understanding that a word is a set of sequential sounds leading to spelling. It leads directly to writing as well. Putting the letters back into the trays ensures that children learn the sequence of the alphabet while also improving their fine motor skills.


  • Arranging
    • Show the child how to take out the alphabet & put it back in the corresponding slot. When the child is comfortable with this process, take one tray, remove all the letters and place them randomly. The child may continue to play with all the trays or one at a time.
  • Alphabet Memory
    • Remove all letters and place the a tray in another room. Keep the 3 base trays in front of the child and mark one letter groove with a toke n Ask the child to bring the corresponding letter.
  • Word Formation
    • Give the child pictures of 3 letter CVC words like fan, bus, hat, etc. If the child has played with vowel cars from Skola, she/he would be familiar with the first & last sounds. Else, ask the child to keep the1st letter of every picture; then extend to last letter & finally middle letter.