Nesting Hen

Balance unevenly sized and weighted eggs in creative ways on the hen.

Balance unevenly sized and weighted eggs in creative ways on the hen.

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Age: 5+

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With this highly engaging toy, children get a chance to think of creative ways to balance eggs on the back of the hen. This augments fine motor skills and improves dimension awareness, thus developing their concentration levels

Set includes a nest shaped base, a wooden hen, 5 concentric ovals representing the eggs and a detailed instruction manual all packed in an elegant Skola Doodle box.

Size of Stacked Pieces : 19 cm x 14.5 cm x 15.5 cm

Once children are done with this toy, they can begin to explore other areas of development (See How).

By balancing the eggs, children achieve greater dexterity. Nesting the pieces in this toy helps in developing fine motor skills. It is a simple activity that helps children focus on sizes and dimensions of objects leading to effective spatial analysis. Stacking uneven and distinct objects helps children understand the correlation between sizes and weights. Pairing, size gradation and name games enhance children's awareness of shapes as a property of objects.


  • Nesting
    • Show the child how to take the eggs & nest them, one inside another
  • Name Games
    • Introduce size descriptors - big, bigger, biggest and small, smaller, smallest
  • Gradation
    • Remove all the ovals. Show the child how to arrange from big to small
  • Patterns
    • This is a toy that is ideally suited for exploration, from a size as well as creative point of view. Children can create patterns with the ovals
  • Abstract Pairing
    • Print ovals of the same size as the eggs on paper; ask the child to pair.
  • Balancing
    • Show the child how to remove all eggs and place on the back of the hen, starting from the biggest