Subtraction Truck

Use a dump truck to subtract unwanted balls through a chute .

Use a dump truck to subtract unwanted balls through a chute .

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Age: 5+

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Use a truck to dump the subtracted balls

With this toy, children can enjoy playing with a wheeled object while also learning numeral values and the power of subtraction. This phenomena is fascinating and yet simplified in the form of a dump truck that clearly shows the child that to subtract is to remove or 'take away'. Children are fascinated with what is 'leftover' in the truck, thus completing the process of subtraction.

Set includes a dump truck, a receiving tube, set of 10 wooden painted balls and 2 wooden tokens to block the balls at various points.
Size of Truck: 33 cm x 11 cm x 11.5 cm height

Once children have learnt addition and subtraction using physical objects, they are ready to understand both the operations from a positional stand point using a number line (See How).

As the children roll the balls in and out of the truck, they visualise the process of subtraction with the help of physical cues which leads to a concrete understanding of subtraction. They also begin to understand that addition and subtraction are related processes that are opposite of each other in nature. This toy improves dexterity as children learn to operate the dump truck with their hands, opening and shutting the gate to let the balls pass. This kind of constant engagement also keeps them excited about the learning process.


  • Subtraction From 10
    • Fill the dump truck with the ten balls, then show the child how to connect the receiving tube to the back of the truck. Open the gate and let a particular number of balls roll out from the truck to the receiver, say 4 balls, and shut the gate. The child now sees 4 balls in the receiver and 6 balls left behind in the truck, giving a clear indication of subtraction from 10. It is good to tell the child a few times - we had 10 balls, we removed 4, and we are left with 6.
  • Subtraction
    • Empty the dump truck and fill as many balls as the child likes, say 8 balls. Then tell the child - You now have 8 balls. Let us remove 3 balls. Count and remove - Say 1 and open the gate once, say 2 and open the gate and let another one out and so on. Now the child sees 3 balls in the receiving tube, and sees that there are 5 left on the truck. Tell the child - we had 8, we removed 3 and we are left with 5. Now tell the child- Let us put back the 3 balls that we removed. We have 5, we put 3 back, so we have 8 again. This process clearly indicates to the child that addition and subtraction are related and the opposite of each other. "