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Word Wheel - A Toy For Language Skills Development

Word Wheel - A Toy For Language Skills Development

When a child starts entering the age of 5, he or she gets ready to take big leaps. There will be a shift from kindergarten to entering into formal school. At this age, there will be more learning and eagerness to try new things along with an affection towards individuals. For parents, it may seem like they are cooperative and independent suddenly. But this does not mean that your role is over in making him or her develop skills.

 By this time the child is already familiar with alphabets and their sequence. The concern that revolves in the mind of a parent is how to set a base for reading and writing in the child? As the child is ready for school, he or she needs to develop skills for language. Certain constructive activities at home like providing with appropriate learning toys can help in developing reading and writing skills.

 One of the best toys to build language and vocabulary is WORD WHEEL. It is a wooden toy along with engagement where the child spins the wheel to form words. It consists of a word booklet that helps children to identify, form and spell words. When children continuously play with the toy, it helps them to form words independently. Children from both small and big words, setting a base for reading and writing. By forming 4-5 letter words, children expand their current vocabulary and knowledge of language.

 Trying to get 5 letters into the frame, enhances logical and analytical skills also. It is a very easy to go toy as it does not have any loose parts.

Very early in life, the child starts learning and grasping words from people around him or her. Example- When you are having a conversation with anyone, the child catches a few words and retains in their mind.

 By the time the child starts school, he or she will be quite confident in their written and oral communication. So, see your child joyfully form words by spinning the wheel.

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