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Why Simple Toys are More Important

Why Simple Toys are More Important

“Toys are children's words and play is their language”.- Garry L. Landreth

 Children are the most uncomplicated beings on the planet. Understanding them and being understood by them is a painless process. If we really think about it, it is only unconditional love and unbound imagination that can help us comprehend what children do, why they do  and how they think about things around them. If children are easy to go and simple, why on would we want their toys to be complicated? 

Toys for children are one of the greatest joys of their lives. For them, playing with complex toys is just like spending all their time to open knots. With toys getting more complex day by day, it confuses the child with too many inputs at a go. The golden rule for children is simpler the toy is, more likely they are to enjoy it. Simple toys also have a purpose. If the child does not see any meaning behind, they will get bored. A simple objective oriented toy will stimulate the senses in a child and give a chance to explore things around. Toys with a singe objective approach engage children in a more in-depth way. Simple wooden toys don’t age. They have new possibilities at every stage. As the children grow, their creation also grows. The body grows with that toy. 

Toys from Skola are researched and designed in such a way that they are age-specific and are equivalent to simple joys. Skola Toys are made of wood, sourced from renewable sources keeping in mind the inclination of children towards natural materials. There are no limits, no boundaries and absolutely no flashing lights and buttons to press. 

Don’t give your child an adult experience of a workplace at home with complicated toys. Help them understand childhood simply. Childhood cannot be explored by pressing little buttons. It is meant to be explored and enjoyed. Toys are mediums for enjoying childhood and creating memories. Simple toys are known for attaching sentimental values. They are our child’s teacher in the initial stages. The simpler a learning process is, the more interesting it is for the child.

Toys are little journeys of exploration. They are a voyage to the far seas and a quest of achieving the unknown. SO why not keep it simple!

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