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This 2018 Look Out For These 7 Toys For Your Child’s Better Future

This 2018 Look Out For These 7 Toys For Your Child’s Better Future

 New Year is round the corner and we’re sure you’re wondering what to get for your child. It’s a very difficult choice as there are numerous options available. As a parent we’re sure your resolution is to gift a useful toy.

The kind of toys a child plays with has a direct impact on the development of their learning skills as well as social and emotional abilities. Children tend to learn a lot more quickly during their early years and the experiences during this time are the ones that provide a strong base for the brain’s organisational development and functioning all throughout their lives.

While choosing a toy we are always very keen that it imparts a good learning experience. We keep in mind that the toy is effective and the kids don’t need much assistance as they play with it. We want it to be a win-win for both, the parents and the child.

Here’s a list of 7 toys that can play a vital role in a child’s learning process as they provide essential learning skills:

  1. Bino Colours

See the smile on your child’s face as they see the world in different colours using Bino Colours. This wooden binocular shaped viewer with a variety of filters excites them as they look at the colorful around them through this. The child gets to grasp the abstract as well as the complex aspect of colours.

The changing and applying filters has multi faceted learning traits attached to it like: understanding of colors and refining of fine motor skills.

  1. Sandpaper Numbers

Sandpaper Numbers are the best initiation of a child into number system as the child learns to associate names with number symbols. The texture is fascinating and sure does awaken the explorer in them.

It does help majorly in improving the pre-writing skills to a very good extent. The name-numeral associations also increase their memory retention and recall.

  1. Sandpaper Lowercase

Sandpaper Lowercase is another toy that helps a lot in improving pre-writing skills in children. With this toy children use muscular, tactile and auditory senses registering shapes of letters and the sounds they are associated with. It helps in building a muscle memory of shapes as children’s sense of touch is very sharp in early years.

By tracing over the textured letters with their fingers children also fine tune their fine motor skill activity as well as enhance their sense of texture as well.

  1. Gear Geometry

Motion sure does fascinate little ones and stacking helps in building motor skills. With this toy you can watch your child marvel at the motion as they see the gears rotate. A geometric awareness is created in their minds, simulating cognitive thinking ability.

By twisting and turning of the gears, the children get aid in writing as they facilitate hand movement making this a great toy for the younger ones.

  1. Sock Twins Pattern

Sock Twins Pattern is a fun toy for children as well as adults to look at. This aesthetic toy is the much needed one to develop logical analysis and reasoning skills amongst children.

Not just that, the toy helps children in basic classification, improving memory, enhances visual discrimination skill with matching patterns.

  1. Flowers & The Bee

As the children let the bee ‘fly’ through the flowers their imagination is taken to a next ground along with concentration as they thread all flowers using a needle.

The simple act of threading involves a use of both hands simultaneously that leads to enhanced dexterity in children.  It is quite engaging and helps in increasing concentration levels of a child

  1. Sand Pendulum

The sand pendulum is one of the most enticing activities. Children independently can play with this toy and take in the concepts of speed, force, motion and repeated motion as well as the impact of their actions based on the sand patterns that are formed.

This toy best improves their visual tracking skills and sure acts as a great initiation to patterns are geometry.

“Play is a big part of learning for a child as it gives them opportunity to explore, observe, solve problems and learn.” A child’s early experiences shapes their future and so, we want their childhood experiences to be perfect.

With these toys lay a strong foundation of basic concepts for your child and make them even more happier this new year.

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