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The Era Of Conventional Toys is Back

The Era Of Conventional Toys is Back

“Children playing with computers since the age of four or five, don't have quiet the same brain as those who were bought up with wooden toys”- Claude Vorilhon.

Children are keen for adventures and the simplest form of adventure in their lives is the different types of toys they play with from stuffed toys to battery operated toys. For them, the fascination of a good toy and the possibilities of what can be done with it, are beyond ‘adult’ imagination.  It is the parents responsibility to help their children choose the best toy in the lot. A major portion of play is taken by toys, which is considered as work for the child. Toys act as an important tool for development of child in early years. For a proper physical and growth in a child, it is essential to choose the most fitting toys.

If you’re an 80-90s child, you’ve grown up with wooden toys, carts and cars that could be pushed around. Then, Why is it any different for our children?. The reason being variety of colourful toys available in the market. These toys do not hold much value in terms of learning. With educated parents of this generation, a need and realisation of learning wooden toys was seen. A child learns new skills with a lot of enthusiasm as conventional and wooden toys carry a purpose for their excitement. A child gets opportunities to learn the art of sharing with other children through conventional toys, which is not possible on a gaming console or screen. They can learn about working together and grow into a person who can socially interact with others.

With an introduction of Skola, an individual can ripen several developmental skills in a child. These toys have been culturally experimented upon since generations. They are traditional, unfussy and easily available. Simple, colourful, easy to understand and yet stimulating. Children develop their sensory organs by touching, recognizing different colours and hearing different sounds.

With this children become kind, empathetic and gain respect not only for other children but also for the adults who teach them about the basic lessons from the books practically and also lessons of their lives through toys. Play, with the joy of learning, is the best process for the growth of any child. They will learn through fun. They will comprehend the answers and develop new questions and new visions with every new toy they explore.

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