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Skola Toys Exhibiting in Nuremberg Toy Show January 2018

Skola Toys Exhibiting in Nuremberg Toy Show January 2018

Looking for a place where you get hold of all stuff related to children? The wait is over ! The Nuremberg Toy Show is all about products related to children in a single platform. All international toy markets come together which includes renowned brands, licensed products, start-ups and much more. The event is not only focussing on toys but more than that with articles about infants, lifestyle, stationery and many more. The sole platform which is providing an opportunity to decide on the choice of their products meeting their strategy.

The word " Toys " has always been considered as a play and fun thing for children. Nobody has given a thought on the fact that in initial years a child learns from play. Toys are treated as a way to escape from the tantrums thrown by children. There is no objective behind when a toy is bought by parent or relative or friend. And neither is material considered a critical element in a toy. All those plastic made toys if swallowed can be hazardous for a child and it does not long last. This is where the need arises for educational wooden toys and their advantages and promoting the spirit of play. 

Skola Toys is exhibiting for the first time in the show to provide an insight into a wide range of wooden educational toys. By giving a brief on the thought behind such toys and why adults should consider these toys as a part of upbringing in their child.With more nuclear families coming up, an increased attention to quality toys is given by Skola.  We want to spread our reach to as many individuals as possible to make them realise the importance and need of learning toys during early years. You will come across a wide range of colourful toys for the age group of 1.5-8 years, bifurcated into several journeys.

To reach the goal we have teamed up and presenting ourselves in Nuremberg Toy Show in Hall-3, stall-E01. Hope you shower your presence by being a part of the show.

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