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To reach a position in life we need to undertake a journey of experiences and discovery. We learn and gain a lot in this journey.  Similarly, when children set out to learn something, the journey to learn it is critical. Have you ever thought how your child develops skills in the different areas of development (senso-motor, language, cognition, creativity and personality) in a synchronised manner? Well! All parents want their children to have a strong start in their lives and in an organised way.

For children, happiness comes from doing an activity and not completing or finding an answer to it. Their focus is on the process and not the outcome. Early years is a period of intense learning and development. During this phase, children can be moulded into any form, not only physically but also emotionally and intellectually.  If you want them to learn something and adopt it in their everyday lives, then it is necessary to expose them to the right kind of environment.

Every method of learning creates a different type of learner, the most confident and wisest will be the one whose journey of learning has been meaningful, where something has been gained in each step. Learning takes place when children engage in purposeful activities. So, if they are given the right aids, they are sure to pass through all areas of learning with enjoyment.

Every child is unique and learns at his/her own pace. Learning is not a one-time occurrence, as even a single concept involves a series of steps. Skola Toys has designed different learning journeys where every journey takes children systematically through a series of experiences that enable them to discover and learn something new at every stage. Every step is accompanied by a toy and playing with it will allow children to challenge themselves in an interesting way.

It is important to provide a strong foundation to children for a successful future. There are developmental milestones that all children cross at various points, which are mostly check points to analyse if the they are on the right developmental track. As children pass through the developmental milestones their learning needs increase manifold. Hence, they need to be constantly challenged and offered right tools that they can use to independently challenge themselves.

Skola Toys’ learning journeys are informative and intuitive for children. The journeys open new paths in the children’s learning abilities.  Skola Toys have been categorised into 5 focus areas – Dexterity, Language, Numbers, Environment and Cognition. Under each category there are learning journeys for children, with each stage more complex than the previous one.

For instance, Skola Toys has a journey through arithmetic (under the category of numbers):

  • The first toy in the journey through arithmetic is Peg and Add where children put together numbered parts and pegs. This introduces the children to addition.
  • The next toy is Skip Counting T-Shirts which deals with skip counting, where children hang out T-shirts to dry. By skipping numbers in a sequence, children understand different number patterns. It also sets a solid foundation for addition and multiplication.
  • Scroll and Multiply is the next toy in this journey. There are curtains that can be drawn across the board, which open and close slots for pegging. This helps children to solidify their understanding of multiplication.

The next 3 toys deal with subtraction, association of numbers with positions and division.

In this manner, each journey has fun-filled toys which are simple to begin with and get increasingly challenging as the journey progresses. Playing with these toys brings learning naturally to the child.

During this vacation take a step forward and get your children on board the Skola learning journeys to the land of fun, exploration and discovery. There is no better way to let your children start the journey other than play, as it is a spontaneous activity and not a forced one. Let your children embrace different journeys and see them embark on the journey of their interest.

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