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Learning Alphabets The Right Way

Learning Alphabets The Right Way

“The most important age of life is not university studies but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six” – Maria Montessori

Learning alphabet the right way is an important milestone in a kid’s life as it builds the much needed foundation for reading, writing and vocabulary skills that are crucial for a good command over language going forward. The journey that starts from the stage of identifying letters to putting together words to form meaningful simple sentences is extremely crucial and the true test of success in this journey depends on the experience the children have had during the alphabet phase.

As parents we go through many an anxious moment during this phase. We are all familiar with rote learning techniques such as alphabet songs, the Flash cards, the alphabet mats and coloring pages. But most times we would end up having unanswered questions in our minds about the receptiveness of the child to language development and whether or not the progress is adequate. Is the child equipped with skills to be able to use right words and form complete sentences .

Would it not be great if we had a well-researched and designed tool that factors all requisite techniques to ensure learning alphabet in a way that empowers children to confidently read write and communicate?  Alongside, it should arouse joy so they immerse themselves in learning as they embark on a journey to explore, discover and rediscover sounds, alphabet letters and word games The right way to learn alphabets involves a step by step approach comprising

  • Letter recognition
  • Knowing letter sounds
  • Right pronunciation and diction
  • Identification of lower and uppercase
  • Formation of simple words
  • Building more complex words and simple sentences using knowledge acquired above

One of our Premier products in the Language development category is a unique combination of Journey through alphabets and Journey through Words comprised of a set of 8 toys

 Carefully researched and designed to introduce letters, sounds and textures in a developmentally appropriate way. It not just a of way of powering them with wings for formal schooling ahead but also a tool to make them a learner for life by inciting curiosity and excitement early enough in the formative years of brain development .

 What makes these toys unique!

  • A multi-sensory technique that combines visual aids with muscle memory, phonemic and phonetic awareness to form consonants and vowel, thus making it a comprehensive tool that provokes visual, tactile and auditory senses.
  • Sequencing technique used as a language development tool: Uses sequencing techniques to first perceive an alphabet, may be even associate a sound with the letter, then put the shuffled letters together into a chronological order and finally put alphabets together to form meaningful words. Thereby, it enables students' ability to comprehend what they read.
  • A step by step approach comprising several diverse games such as crosswords, word wheels and word builder that facilitates kids to graduate seamlessly from Journey through alphabets to Journey through Words. Alongside it helps to develop lateral thinking skills while giving kids an opportunity to ultimately express themselves.

 Contents of our product:

              Journey through alphabets -

  • Sandpaper lowercase /uppercase
  • Vowel Cars
  • Cursive puzzle trays
  • Alphabet puppets

               Journey through Words

  • Tortoise Crossword
  • Sight words Step and Slide
  • Word wheel
  • Phono word builder
Ideal Age group:  2-5

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