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Journey Through Pre-Writing Skills – An Introduction

Journey Through Pre-Writing Skills – An Introduction

We usually see a lot of emphasis on writing skills of a child. A parent wants to make sure that the child acquires the right skill set for writing and in the process tend to forget about the pre-writing stage. To help the child in its pre-writing skill development stage Skola Toys has introduced Journey Through Pre-Writing Skills. The toys in this journey makes pre-writing a fun filled activity with focus on learning. The journey not only develops the ability to hold and move the pencil but also encourages fine motor skills and speaking skills. Here is a snippet about the toys in the Journey Through Pre-Writing Skills. 

  • Ant Maze - This toy has beads made in the shape of an ant chasing the sugar cube. The child pushes the ant continuously on the track which promotes pre-writing skills. This toy also enhances the muscles and finger strength. Watching the movement of the ant enhances visual tracking skills also.
  • Sand Art - This toy has a metal piece inside the frame filled with grains and the child moves the metal piece with magnetic pen to make patterns. Pushing an object along a track helps the child build writing skills.
  • Threading Palette - This toy makes the child us both of the hands simultaneously, improving dexterity. An addictive toy which builds concentration and attention span in the child.

 Skola believes that most of the development in a child's life takes place in the first few years of life. So, they should be exposed to the right kind of pre-writing and reading materials in this phase. Along with the writing skills, the child also develops speaking skills because when a child scribbles or write in paper in presence of his or her parent, he or she wants to express it too. It is always a good idea to let your child be creative while writing because it is a critical aspect.

 So, go ahead and pave way for pre-writing skills in your child with these colourful toys.

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