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For a 2-year-old to brush her/ his teeth, here are the usual steps:

  1. Wash the brush
  2. Unscrew the lid of the toothpaste
  3. Squeeze it out on the brush
  4. Screw the lid back on the toothpaste
  5. Brush one’s teeth
  6. Rinse the mouth
  7. Pat it dry
  8. Don’t forget to switch off the lights!!!

Quite a lot of sequencing!

Sequencing is about things being arranged or occurring in a particular order. Sequencing is a critical skill that takes time to develop. It is necessary for children to know there is a sequence in most things from daily life to skip counting, and arithmetic progressions.

By the time children are three, they already have a whole lot of information in their mind. It is important to introduce them to toys that develop sequencing, which is useful for daily life, sports, language, and critical for maths.

By 3, most children are well aware of the sequence of numbers orally, but it is not easy for them to understand sequencing as a process. Many a time, when the child is asked a question like “What comes before 7”, the child is quite lost.

Sequencing Train is a toy which makes it simple for the child to find answers to abstract questions like what comes before. Children place the pieces in a specific order to form the complete train image which acquaints them with the number sequence and progression from 1 to 10. This bright train puzzle enables the child to comprehend sequencing as a concrete process, hence increasing their understanding of the number system Children know counting when they:

  1. Associate quantity with name & symbol
  2. Know the succession of numbers

Hence sequencing is the key to counting, the fundamental process of arithmetic.

Sequencing is the first step to understanding concepts such as greater than, before number, ascending and descending orders. This toy leads the child indirectly to follow that when the sequence is correct, the picture is right. As the child uses visual skills to complete the attractive “Train”, there is a direct absorption of sequence of numbers from 1 to 10.

Memory game is another extremely challenging activity that can be played beautifully with this toy. Make a set of 10 cards with numbers 1 to 10 written on them. Place it in a tray in another room. Ask the child to place a counter on any number on the train, and then go to the next room and get number that comes after it. This is a fun filled game where the child has to remember the number as well as know the sequence to bring back the right card! “Before number” is even more challenging.

This toy will enable children to know and understand the significance of order and arrangement of numbers.

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