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Gifting Toys For Two Year Old

Gifting Toys For Two Year Old

When your baby turns two, it is time to have some fun as he or she learns to enjoy the world around. Your two year old is crafting new skills every day and this is the time when he or she learns to align and explore the world around. The child also has certain developmental milestones that needs to be achieved before entering the third year of life. Developmental milestones are nothing but the skills that a child develops with every phase of his or her childhood. And like any other children, two year olds will require toys and games to help them get through to the next stage of childhood.

When it comes to toys for a two year old, it is better not to keep the toy constrained, rather buy a toy which is open ended so the children can themselves learn new things, develop imagination and discover ways to have fun. Parents want their child to explore, imagine and understand world through play. Choosing among a wide variety of ride on vehicles, construction toys, dolls and much more can be overwhelming. While buying, the parent should consider a few developmental milestones that a two year old needs to acquire according to the age. Some of the milestones are discussed below:

  • Sensorial- It is a step by step process in which the child starts experiencing awareness through sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing. The information perceived by children are from the sensory system in the body.
  • Fine Motor- It is the skill which involves coordination of small muscles, in movements usually involving synchronization of hands and fingers along with eyes. Examples of fine motor skills are writing, holding small items, buttoning, eating, inserting.
  • Logical - It is the skill where the child starts recognizing cause and effect relationships, starts recognizing things that go together, can follow simple commands, can complete simple puzzles.
  • Mathematics and Language - It is the skill where the child needs to start counting and associate numbers with their shapes. One should also start copying patterns and knows basic things like first name, age, parents name.

A gist of the above milestones may now help you in buying toys, here is a wonderful guide for a two year old along with the milestones:

  • Rolling car slope - This amazing toy for children involves building the grids of slope to race miniature cars. Children love tracking the moving cars and spend hours putting the cars back on top every time they cascade down. The process helps kids to understand the effect of leaving cars with less or more force on top. Following the movement of the car improves visual tracking among children which is an important Sensorial milestone in early years. Visual tracking has a direct impact on children developing sporting skills in early years. The impact of action on speed and motion also generates hand eye coordination skills.

  • Coloured Beetles - This set of vividly coloured beetles is fun for children as they try to piece the two correct halves together based on its appearance. This makes a great pairing game for children as they start classifying objects based on the awareness of the colour. Colour pairing and identical pairing paves the way for sensorial and logical thinking skills. By removing and inserting beetle pieces with their hands they develop fine motor skills. One of the most important things to note in this toy is that the primary objective of the toy is to learn colours. Hence all the pieces are of the same shape which in this case is semi-circle. The child does not have any other distinguishing feature in the pieces to pair. This helps substantially in learning as at this stage, children should be presented with single objective toys and not multiple objective toys.

  • Geometry Tray - This toy makes the child problem solver as they try fitting in the geometrical shapes in the respective slots on the tray. Making new forms with existing shapes stimulates the child to be more imaginative and creative. Constantly inserting puzzles in the tray and removing them helps develop logical thinking skills. Also, using the palmer grip to hold the pieces initially is one of the first steps towards developing writing skills in the future. The child also starts understanding complementary pairing concepts as they now need to pair a shape to a slot on the board. Also, a very important point to note in this toy is that the shapes are all in single colour. Hence, the child must go by the shape of the insets and not by the colour to pair with the base. Again, this makes the toy single objective which is always beneficial at this age as it does not confuse the child with multiple objectives.

  • Sandpaper Numbers - Associating names with numbers is the first step towards counting. Feeling different textures is extremely fascinating for children. This toy helps children to trace, and associate shapes with numbers. Tracing over the textured numbers increases the sensorial skills along with logical skills by identifying the numbers in textured format. The child learns about numbers and starts identifying them which develops basic arithmetic knowledge in the child.

  • Sandpaper Lower Case- The sense of touch in children is very sharp in early years. By tracing over the letters children start associating symbols or letter shapes. This helps in pre-writing stage of the child. Shapes of letters and feeling the textures develops sensorial skills in the child. Tracing the letter shapes helps in improving their language skills.

The above mentioned toys are a few from an extensive range of learning toys from Skola Toys. Skola believes in the idea of concrete learning and learning journeys that help children learn substantially while having fun with toys. Also, research has proven that Children in early years are more inclined towards natural materials. Keeping that in mind, all of Skola toys are wooden toys made from wood sourced from renewable sources, making them environment friendly. The toys are also compliant with the international safety standards. The best thing about these toys is that these are not one-time use toys. Each of these toys have activities that can make them usable for 6 months to 1 year. Each toy comes with a detailed instruction manual for parents with activities outlined to know how they can play with it over a period of time. Each of these activities incrementally challenge the child at every stage still keeping the primary objective of the toy in mind.

We hope you found something new and exciting for your two year old in this blog. Keep tuned for more.

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