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Skola Toys FabFeb Contest

Skola Toys FabFeb Contest

Leaves on a tree, ridges on a bitter gourd's skin or the wagging of a dog's tail what's common in all of them - patterns. Yes, patterns are everywhere in nature.

So Skolars here's bringing to you the contest for this month - Fab Feb Contest.

This one's all about the importance of patterns and will definitely make you pick your brains more.

Three lucky contestants will win Skola vouchers of Rs. 1000 each.

How the contest works:
* Select the the option which you think is the correct pattern as shown in the picture above. Make 
* Submit your answer on or before 28 February 2019


  • Very good work

  • I think using this kind of pattern toys will improve children’s mental ability.

  • Love the brand skola

  • I love the solar really great for kids to learn easy way with playing it

    Nandini Rastogi

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