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Enhance Visual Tracking Skills With Cascade Cars

Enhance Visual Tracking Skills With Cascade Cars

Parenting is about enjoying every moment of your child's development. At 1.5 years the child starts expressing a new skill every other day. But, it is not necessary that every child grows at the same pace. Do you know what visual tracking skills are? Visual tracking is an area where the gross motor skills overlap with hand-eye coordination. 

One of the best toys that involves visual tracking is CASCADE CARS. Cars are a great way to keep the child engaged for hours. The cars move from one slope to another, and children start tracking the moving cars. The child rolls the car on the slopes and they see the cars whizz down. They closely follow this movement, to see where the cars land, and how they move. 

This builds skill to track moving objects. Visual tracking is not only a great help in playing sports but also improves their reading skills. Moving their eyes from side to side following the letters, takes some skill. This toy also leads to an awareness of motion as children analyse the movement of cars as they roll down the slope. By pushing the car further and holding it back, it lets the child understand the impact of their actions on speed and motion. The movement and stopping of the cars by children also enhances fine motor skills in them. 

Very early in life, the child starts learning to track movements. As a baby in the crib, the child tries to grab anything that is hanging on top. If something is moving on the floor, they follow it, trying to hold it before it moves further. These are all classic early examples of visual tracking. When they are toddlers, the act of feeding themselves with a spoon, involves hand-eye co-ordination as well as use of larger muscles of the hand. Eventually playing ball games, like throw catch or cricket is where many motor skills and tracking come into play.

 For example, when the eye is tracking a football moving towards oneself, the leg has to move to kick it at the right time.

Watch your child placing the cars on top of the slope and see them closely track the movement of cars without moving their eyes off. An experience for a parent to see their child concentrate on the moving cars.

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