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Develop Fine Motor Skills With Rainbow Roofs

Develop Fine Motor Skills With Rainbow Roofs

Entering the second year of their learning journey is when a child starts exploring new things around them and imbibe new skills. Physical development is one important developmental and learning milestone that needs to be achieved before the child gets into its third year. Physically, the development takes place into two ways- Gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Both gross and fine motor skills are important for a child, but fine motor skills is given more focus. The reason being, these skills require a lot of practice and is developed at a slower pace. They involve control of small muscles in hand, feet and fingers.

Activities that involve usage of fine motor skills are:

1. Puzzles- This activity improves the muscle coordination of the child and gives an understanding about 2D and 3D.

2. Blocking and Stacking- This activity improves the muscle movements and concentration as it involves balancing.

One of the best toys to enhance fine motor skills in your child is ‘Rainbow Roofs’. An open ended wooden toy which the children love exploring helps them create different form like train or sofa and balancing uneven shapes. Nesting and stacking the pieces enhances fine motor skills at a very young age. They also hone balancing skills and develop hand eye coordination. This toy also enhances the awareness of colours, gaining knowledge about rainbow in the form of VIBGYOR (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red).

 Fine motor skills are important for performing everyday activities as well as academic activities. If the child is unable to perform daily activities it may lead to lowered self-esteem in the child. It is also not necessary that all children develop at the same pace. All children are different and develop at their own pace.


Don't get tensed if fine motor skills progresses slowly in your child. We need to understand that every learning process is a slow and steady process, so let your child lead the way. Encourage them of the efforts put in by your child and see them move big rocks later in life.

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