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Buy a toy. Share the joy.

Buy a toy. Share the joy.

November is the month to celebrate children, the future of mankind. As India celebrates Children’s Day on the 14th and the world celebrates Universal Children’s Day on the 20th, we would like to dedicate our attention to their learning.

When we use the word “children”, we often picture merry, mischievous and happy children, as they play amidst a pile of toys and are showered with love.

This month is a time we must focus on the children who are not fortunate enough to be in this position. They also do not get to learn the right way which means going forward they could be as disadvantaged, not having had the benefit of the right kind of learning. did you know that, in India:

  • 49.5% of grade 5 children cannot do subtraction?
  • 55% of grade 8 children cannot solve 3 digits by 1 digit division problems?
  • 51.09% of grade 5 children cannot read grade 2 English?
  • 25.4% children of grade 8 cannot read grade 2 text?

These facts, by themselves, may only be statistics. But imagine: these children grow up to live and work as full citizens of our nation without a strong fundamental education. We may see many who fit this description amidst us today, but does it seem proper that we are going to continue this trend even 20, or 50 years down the line?

Many have clamoured for education to be made a universal birthright. We think that learning right should be made a fundamental birthright. Skola celebrates this November as Children’s month, with one motive, and one thought - to help every child discover the joy of learning. We believe that this is all it takes to create a generation of self-made and sensitive members of society. We have taken our first humble step in realizing this dream with our campaign “Buy a toy. Share the joy.”

For every Skola learning toy purchased this November, we will donate a percentage of its cost to buying toys for underprivileged children. With this small move, we hope to light the spark of learning in as many little Skolars as we can, and help them have a headstart in their learning journeys. They are our hope and the future we work for, and we need to ensure that we give every one of them a chance to live up to their potential.

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