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9 things we can learn from our children

9 things we can learn from our children

“Wisdom” is probably the last word you would associate with children. The little ones always seem to be in danger of harming themselves as they energetically zoom around exploring their surroundings. But that’s the secret behind how children learn a large number of things in a short span of time. Here are 9 attributes of children that we think adults can take inspiration from:


  1. Determination
    When children find something they love doing, they keep at it for hours a day, and for days on end. Every parent has noticed this about their little ones, and wondered at this. But it’s that very determination that helps the child put forth their first step, and learn their first word. Imagine the same kind of determination in a scientist or a businessman.
  2. Patience
    Their determination is matched by their patience while they struggle to achieve something. They do not lose confidence, or take breaks or have doubts; they keep repeating what they did until it succeeds. This kind of patience may be the answer to better self-improvement.
  3. Curiosity
    This is a classic plus point of children. Children are curious about everything. They ask questions about anything they see or feel, and investigates those interesting things that hold their focus. Exploring the backyard? Learning about the oceans? They make sure they understand everything about it because they want to. This kind of curiosity is the key to leading an active and rewarding life as well.
  4. Trust
    If you told a child that there exists green monsters that lived under the ground, chances are they would believe it. Children are so innocent and openly trusting of everything they hear, see or are made to believe. Although this may not be considered a virtue in today’s world, it is a virtue that must not be forgotten.
  5. Observation
    Their drive to know and learn everything gives them one of their other great powers - the power of observation. Children observe things with penetrating focus as they memorize the actions, the colours and other information, which they will use as reference in future. This observation skill is also the reason why they grasp and master many things quickly.
  6. Unapologetic
    When it comes down to it, a child never holds back. Whether they’re angry, happy, sleepy or bored, they always express from their hearts. This unapologetic behaviour is considered mischievous by many, but parents know better. This sort of frankness can help many people understand themselves, and what they want from life.
  7. Originality
    When a child is shown a pencil for the first time, it can be very interesting. The child may first hold it like a drum stick, and beat surfaces, or poke holes in surfaces. But you can be sure they’ll come up with unique ways of handling things around them, as they explore everything through trial and error. Though most of their attempts may be clumsy or pointless, this practice also helps them come up with several genuinely creative ways of doing things.
  8. Innovation
    Their originality helps them innovate. It is why several scientists say how children are born-scientists. They fearlessly think of new ways to do things, without any bias or fear of failure. This innovative streak in them is something we admire, but don’t learn from.
  9. Optimism
    This is their greatest quality. A child may be sad because of some reason, but forget about it and start playing in 2 minutes! This is because children don’t take small setbacks too seriously. They wake up with great positivity and energy to explore each day, something we tell ourselves to do with motivational posters and practices.


There are several other things about children we could look up to and learn from, but it is not easy. After all, they represent the pure spirit of man; curious, innocent, resourceful and logical.

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