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5 Ways To Keep Your Child #LoveLearning

5 Ways To Keep Your Child #LoveLearning

Learning is a universal experience. Regardless of our age, we humans constantly keep learning throughout our lives. Research suggests that learning has a positive effect on brain cells and helps promote mental sharpness.

Initial years of a child's life is very critical for development of milestones. It is important for our children to love learning from an early age. This would help them in betterment of their future life. As we step into the new year, we have a few pointers, that will help in instilling the love for learning in the child:

  • Independent Play

Children love to explore and discover their environment. This is one of the reasons they are full of energy and always restless. Let them use this advantage to their maximum and allow them to explore new ways to discover. Supervise them, but let them be independent while playing.

  • Breaking Big Challenges To Small Concepts

When children begin to learn, tough concepts can make them feel off balance. Example- It will pose a challenge for them if they directly jump to addition without knowing basic identification of numbers. It is thus suggested to know the different milestones pertaining to each age group and provide them with right material.

  • No Reward Based Learning

The path through which learning is directed should be correct and not bribe based. Bribing the child with chocolate or ice-cream for learning will make the entire learning activity pointless. The child will have the focus more towards the reward than learning. Rather, make them do some other activity attached to the prior one. This will result in having better aptitude for learning.

  • Make learning fun

Very often things taught at school can be very monotonous and repetitive. Go through what they are learning and make the process of learning fun. If the child is learning counting, get him or her the toys that teach counting. Or if he or she is learning alphabets in school, get them toys that help in spelling letters.

  • Repackage Learning into Items which Interest them

Some children are interested in planes, while some are fascinated by cars and vehicles. Some can’t get enough of puppies, while some can spend hours stacking and building shapes. The things that interests them more are bound to be more memorable and attractive. For example,  If they like fish – teach them to count fish, if they like cars – ask them to identify colours of different cars.

There is always something more to learn and help the child grow. And similarly, there is always a better way to guide them towards the correct learning journeys and a way to help them begin to #LoveLearning.

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